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Say "Yes" to the Dress or Say "No" to the dress. $5.00 for each banner. Use the banner with your girl friend to say "yes" or "no" to the wedding dress. Or to just decorate your food, vase, or wall with these lovely designs.


Make your day special and unique by using these at your party as decoration. The back of the topper is plain.This item can be made in a variety of colors, variety of fonts, and size so feel free to contact me so I can match it to your event. You can also change the wording inside, but keep in mind of the space, up to 7 letters.




• Measures 5" tall x 7" wide (Price is based on 5x7." Depends how long the banner is- size will change and price will increase). Send me a message for an estimate.

• Packaged in a clear bag for protection. Depending on the size. Larger cutouts will be covered in tissue paper to keep protected.

• Sticks & straws are not included. Picture is to show what you can do with cutouts. Sticks CAN be included for an extra fee.


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Customize Mexican Banner

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