DIY Felt Succulent

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DIY Felt Succulents

I attended

Michaels Stores

Mod Podge Felt Cactus online class with Kyra from

Plaid Crafts

and had a blast! I learned new tips and all about the All-In-one Glue & Sealer Spray. Yes, a Mod Podge Spray!! Here’s my DIY version of the class and what I created.


Green shades of Felt

FolkArt 480 Titanium White

FolkArt 917 Yellow Ochre

Mod Podge Matte Waterbase Sealer

Beacon Fabric Glue

Singer Scissors

I used what I have and hope to get the Mod Podge spray to test it for all of you (hehe). But I have this Mod Podge sealer with glitter which I thought would be perfect for this project. I poured some Mod Podge and water (2:1 ratio) in a cup and dip my felt that I cut into squares. Lay the felt out to dry. That helped make the felt hard (stiffen) which then make it easy to cut. I used a succulent pattern that I’ll post of my FB group page to cutout. Then glue the layers together. That’s it! You can add as much or as little details with paint.

Does anyone else just remove the caps to paint? I find it easier to dip instead of pour.

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