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DIY Halloween Piñata (Ghost, Skulls, and more)

Materials Needed:

Cardboard 11x8''

Cardboard strip 2x8''

Crepe or Tissue paper (white/pink)

Hot Glue

Elmer Glue Sticker



Step 1: Cutout the ghost templates from the printout sheet and trace onto the 11x8'' cardboard. You should be able to get 2 ghost on that sheet.

Step 2: Cutout the two ghost from the cardboard. The white side of the cardboard is the front and the back. So when you place them back to back (brown side of the cardboard sandwich-like) the white side are facing out.

Step 3: Use the long strip of cardboard 2x8'' and outline the cardboard ghost. Use tape to hold it together.

Image: materials

Image: cutout paper ghost, trace on cardboard, cutout cardboard ghost, use tape to hold together

Step 4: Then tape the back side. You will notice wholes and that your ghost doesn't align. That's ok, they will align as soon as you tape it all down. The tape should go all around on front and the back side. For better reinforcement use the hot glue.

Step 5: Cutout the crepe roll (tissue paper) into strips and use your scissors to make fringe. Fold to the paper multiple times, leaving a little bit of space on top uncut so they are still attached as a strip. Once all strips are cut, you can start glueing them onto the ghost.

Step 6: On your printout template, you will find two fun faces that can be used for your ghost. Cut those out and place them on.

image: fringe paper strips, and ghost faces

Extra: I used pink tissue paper, cut into small circles for cheeks. For the opening, I used my scissors and made a square cut on to the side to make an opening.

Enjoy! Facebook, Youtube, Instagram Videos of project. Thank you for the support!

-Jazzy's Creations Design


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