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Halloween Paint Party!

How fun is this?!!? Try something different this Halloween by using bright colors for your party. Turn your activities into your display.

Paint Party!! Paint pumpkins, skulls, photo props, and even the backdrop. Keep the kids engaged with the bright colors from Plaid Crafts!

Here is how I did it...

Super excited to print out the backdrop after 2 years of storing my HP Designjet 800 (long move). I Illustrated some line art and clipart, I put together the backdrop and turned into a B&W poster.

Balloons garland are always fun! Plus adding cutout bats with my Cricut Machine to add hints of black and Halloweenish details. DIY balloon garland, by inflating the balloons with an electric balloon pump. I use a balloon arch strip with small holes (looks like a tape roll). To start off, grab one end of the strip and start 5 holes in. You will need some empty spaces to hang the garland on the wall. Alternate the colors on the strip and once the strip is full, hang on the wall, and reuse the strip when done.

Cardboard houses as Cupcake holders: painted inside with Mod Podge on the outside, and covered with tissue paper. I used Mod Podge, instead of paint, because Mod Podge works as a glue and as a sealer, and with the tissue paper, it gave the house a more haunted house feel with a wrinkle texture. It's a fun, inexpensive, and just a different idea for a cupcake stand.

Painted Decorations: Dollar Tree skull, and DT foam pumpkins painted as part of the decorations. They also make great examples for the kiddos to show them different techniques. I used a paint splatter/splashes, also called paint dripping technique, I use the paint bottle and let the paint drip down to cover the foam pumpkin with paint (different colors). I also painted a pumpkin pink on top and white underneath with glitter lines (Plaid Crafts Glitterific paint). View pictures below.

Halloween Party Favors: Halloween buckets full of painting supplies as favors. The reusable buckets make a great craft kit and gift idea. Fill the bucket with wooden cutouts, paint brushes, paint palette, cleaning wipes or canvas drop cloths, and other halloween objects like mini skeletons, foam pumpkins, etc. Take the painting activities home and use the bucket for trick or treating.

Fun halloween party ideas for ALL ages: from toddlers to tweens to teens to college students to adults. Start with desserts as you explain the paint party. And paint the backdrop together or grab your bucket and paint on your own.


We welcomed our friends with a painted skeleton, don't you just love those eyebrows? Haha, I used Glitterific, FolkArt to add glitter on the wooden cutout. I didn't want to go with the traditional colors and with my little one's help, pink, is her favorite colors these days, so we went with pink and white highlights.

Remember those houses I was talking about from above, here are some close up pictures. You can usually go with a cupcake stand, but why not do something different. Add simple cardboard house shape houses into a haunted house with fun cupcake toppers. Plus goes with the bright painted skulls.

To go with the bright party, we painted everything, and added more painting fun activities to take home to decorate friend's home.

I hope you enjoyed out paint party. Don't forget to end the party with some sweet treats.


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