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Marilyn Shawe >

Party Designer

Graphic Design

I am a graphic designer from Portland, Oregon. My work is influenced by modern mixed media with a native twist! (as you can see on my portfolio). I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. My work has beeen advertised in magazines, t-shirts and websites. 

I have 5+ years experience in graphic design and project coordination. I began in Weiden + Kennedy's non-profit organization, where I worked with the co-founder of W&K and the Media Production Manager. I have worked for many non-profit organizations and programs: Oregon Health Sciences University, American Indian Teacher’s Program (co-sponsored by PSU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Graduate School of Education), Oregon Department of Education’s grant for Culturally Responsive Elementary Mathematics, Native American Rehabilitation Association’s Healing Feather program, and several projects funded by Native American tribal governments (local and regional).


What I do for fun? I enjoy styling parties and making handmade things for family and friends which keeps me occupied at nights through blogging about my DIY projects on  I'm also a scrapbooker and anything that has to do with capturing a beautiful moment, photography. I Enjoy the outdoors, hanging out with my little girl & dog, and crafting with friends.  

Aj Worx >



coming soon... 

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