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Let's work together

Jazzy's Creation is a small creative party supply shop. And working together has the potential for growth and innovating ideas for both services and/or products. Together we can reach more resources, increase technical expertise, and expand our networking. We offer special deals and discounts for many of our options. Take a look at our offers: 

Option 1: Agree to co-operate with one another for a limited period of time. Co-Brand with a partner through social media/blog. Example: exchanging products for positive review.

Option 2: Partnering for donation. For example prize contest or giveaway. 

Option3: One way partnership, asking for JC&D product in return for an image or social media post. 

What is the Cost
Our guidelines ?

-We need to share same values

-Collaboration (We give 100% of ourselves to each projects and we expect the same effort & energy from our partners)

-We want to be able to impact in a positive way.

-A balance of give and take partnership.

-Be patient. Communication is key.

*Not all partnership are created equal. Outcome may vary.  ​

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