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6 Fall flowers for $3.50

And elegance to your event with these paper flowers (baby birthday, baby shower, wedding event, bridal shower, etc). Make your day special and unique by using these at your party as decoration.

Choose your choice of flowers on the drop down menu. If picked 6/mixed flowers then please mention which colors (only two (out of the six) with this choice can be Kusudama/Burlap* flowers)

Mix Flowers include: 
-2 big roll flowers
-2 small roll flowers
-2 different Kusudama/Burlap* flowers

Each flower measured about 1-2" inches wide. Only have certain colors.  

• This order comes with 2 big flowers, 2 small flowers, and/or 2 different Kusudama/Burlap* flower. 
•Send me a message if you have any questions. 
• Packaged in a clear bag for protection. Depending on the size. Larger cutouts will be covered in tissue paper to keep protected. 
• Sticks & straws are not included. Picture is to show what you can do with cutouts. Sticks CAN be included for an extra fee.

Paper Flower

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