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DIY Mail Box with Xyron

DIY Cardboard Mailbox


Cardboard Box

Box-cutter Knife

Xyron Glaminator (Laminator)

Xyron Creative Station 9’’


Hot Glue Gun

Wrapping Paper

If you can find a tall box, use that, but all I had was a regular square box so I had to create siding for it to look more like a mailbox.


  1. Create Semi-Circle as wide as the box flap. And hot glue them on the side.

  2. Then with another piece of cardboard (for the top), measure how long it needs to be from one side to another, in order, to cover the top. Cut the length and slowly curve. Hot glue one side (make sure it dries before you continue) and then hot glue that same piece of cardboard to the semi-circles.

3. Laminate; I used my Xyron Glaminator to create panels of paper to cover the box for easy cleaning. Start with the front and cut a square of the wrapping paper. Then cut straight in the middle to create two panels. Repeat process for the siding, back, and top. I did 10 panels overall. Then I added two pieces of velcro to each panel.

4. Foil Stickers: I wanted to create stickers that represent "air" like the airplane, air-balloon, clouds, sky, etc.

5. Once everything is foiled, laminated, then I fed the decorations through my Xyron 9'' Creative Station to create giant stickers.

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