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Plaid Crafts Creator Spotlight

Use PLAID CODE: MARILYN123 (for 10% discounts and affiliated help). Ask the ambassadors (like me) about the product they use. The DO's & DON'T's! You are probably using Plaid without knowing. They have many product lines Apple Barrel, FolkArt, Mod-Podge, and much more. Since 2021, I've been proudly affiliated with PLAID, and I remain committed to representing them because of my genuine passion for their products.

I've likely been using their products since I could hold a paintbrush. Growing up, I watched my mother delicately paint, while my older brother embraced a bold, street-inspired art style. Their talents remained hidden, but I observed and absorbed everything. Though my colorful upbringing, Art wasn't initially recognized as a career within the Hispanic community, I've found a way to integrate it into my daily life.   

What do you do?

As a mix-media artist– I use acrylic paints, modpodge, and even resin. To hold my papermache I use modpodge. To make my paintings vibrant I use neon paints, metallic, and glitterific paints.

What is your PLAID favorite product? Do you have any favorite techniques or projects you enjoy working on?

It's tough to pick just one, but have you had the chance to try DOTS? Dots is part of the FolkArt line, offering acrylic paint specially designed for dotting and writing. I use it for everything and helps with the little details.

How did your journey with Plaid begin? Can you share the story of how you became a Plaid Craft and Paint Ambassador?

Our official partnership began during the pandemic when Plaid was seeking individuals to participate in their ambassador program. I applied and was fortunate to be accepted. If you're interested, I encourage you to apply as well! Go to their Ambassador page and don't forget to mention that your friend Jazzysdesign sent you!

Looking ahead, what are your hopes or goals as a Plaid Craft and Paint Ambassador? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you're excited about?

I'm excited about upcoming projects and collaborations with other artists. I'm also looking forward to hosting workshops in my cozy studio space and possibly launching my own video channel.

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Thanks PLAID for the SPOTLIGHT! It's gratifying to receive acknowledgment for engaging in my passion! Not just as a crafter, or as a teacher, but a an artist, a painter!

Thank you, Muchas Gracias!


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