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Rock Puzzle Activity


Painting rocks is always a fun activity for the whole family so why not create a fun puzzle to go with it.



My advice is that when you are painting with your kiddo- you only give them ONE color at a time to help control the mess. This allows them to learn that ONE color and the concept of shades. My toddler started off with the color pink. Then we added white paint to create different shades of pink. Once the rocks are dried, I was able to use a sharpie to draw out a flamingo.

We did paint each rock with a different color on each side to make them reversible. So you can make a flower with the yellow rocks, and flip to use the red to create a watermelon. Check out the pictures below to show what I am talking about.

Pink Plaid Painted Flamingo on rocks

We had these rocks laid out for the party (as an activity) so the kiddos can rearrange them and create what they want.

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