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BOO 2020 Party

11 more days until Halloween!! Who's counting? My toddler is- haha!

We are kicking off the festivities with a Halloween Party:

Today we are having Movie Night with:

Create your own Chocolate Witches' Hats:

1) Heat and melt chocolate: use a heat-safe glass bowl and place inside your Toaster Oven. And add the chocolate to the bowl and stir constantly, until melted and smooth.

2) Dip or use a spoon to pour chocolate on Joy Cone Inc. I used a Cookie Cooling Rack to pour the chocolate onto the cone. Then for the second layer I used Silicone Baking Mat to catch the chocolate and create the bottom piece of the witch hat.

3) Add sprinkles, candy, or even fondant.

Other Fun Treats:

Disney Marshmallow Lollipops: pour chocolate on mickey silicon mold (heres a similar one). And cutout face with a cookie cutter. Pour chocolate on wax paper as soon as its starting to harden use the cookie cutter to cutout a face. This process helps to get that face looking good. If you wait too long then the chocolate cracks. You want two chocolate pieces for top and bottom. Then add marshmallows (Jet-puffed bag) by melting them. I used one jumbo piece of marshmallow and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then added everything together. Bottom chocolate mouse cutout (cold), then placed a warm semi-melted marshmallow on top with a lollipop stick, lastly I added the mickey-mouse chocolate face. This part is the hard part (in my opinion), but grab the chocolate mickey mouse with the wax paper with one hand. Then place the chocolate face down on your other hand as you slowly remove the wax paper. I hope this makes sense- Good Luck!

for other pieces I used a fun cookie cutter set.


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