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DIY Halloween Skull Wreath (Pastel)

DIY Halloween Skull Wreath Make your own halloween wreath for your front door. Create a spooky outdoor wreath with skulls from the Dollar Tree Store, once painted, you can use them for a beautiful Halloween decoration.

Materials Used:

  • Plaid Paint: -Plaid, FolkArt, 2546E Bright Pink, Acrylic Paint -Plaid, FolkArt, Multi-Surface, 2736CA Wisteria -Plaid, FolArt, Chalk, 6350, Seaside Villa

  • Dollartree Skulls (x3)

  • Michael's Craft Store Artificial Flowers (Spring Collection available for $1)

  • Branch Hoop Wreath

  • Xyron Hot Glue

  1. First start with painting your skulls from the Dollar Tree. Completely cover the skull with the colors you desire or use the pastel palette paint I used. As that dries, you can start with your wreath.

  2. I used a branch hoop wreath (from Michael's Craft Store), they have them available for $5 (during their clearance grab bag sale), as they move onto their Fall decorations, the Spring Collection go on sale and you can find some beautiful pastel flowers and crafts for $5!

  3. I got this Spring Wreath with some flowers and a sign that was attached, so I removed all the items that I did not want on my Halloween wreath, then I had to balance out the flowers to have a full covered wreath.

  4. Once I placed my artificial flowers and greenery, I hot glue them into placed, then

  5. I hot glue my painted skulls to put everything together. Watch the video below for how to Do-It-Yourself.


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