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Quarantined at home: 14 days Activities

DIY Activity Board: I repurpose a holiday board into a interactive activity board. But this can be done with a foam board, frame, and even chalkboard. Everything you need to re-create this board is available to download (above). I made the board with three sections:

  1. Weather section comes with three clipart (sun, cloud, and raindrop). This a fun way to check the weather (window) and look forward to the daily activities. What a fun way to get out of bed! Right? Make these clipart with your Cricut machine and turn them into stickers. And don't forget to laminate them with your Xyron Glaminator machine for longer lasting.

  2. Thermometer. Ask your kids, "How are you feeling?" and use a thermometer to check their temperature. This helps get the information that's needed. Also the clipart has only three options (red, yellow, blue). This allows your child to make a decision even if they are not feeling too well. I used my Xyron Creative Station Lite to laminate and get that adhesive on the face clipart for easy on and off sticker.

  3. Counting down the days (14 activity sheets). Printout in B&W to color together, or use each sheet as in activity to cutout, laminate, etc.

Printout Activity sheet: print in any size (double sided, single sided, two in one sheet, or even four). A lot of the sheets have lots of white space so you can use as you like. Cut the clipart out, color, create stickers, etc. Create your own activity, and use the sheet as a template. You will also find a BW printable sheet (above) that can be used to create foil details by using your Xyron Glaminator. Here is why you should do these activities together:

  • 1) Learn fun facts, make it educational, and teach the basic questions of what is COVID?

  • 2) Distraction! What is going on is scary.

  • 3) Taking a break and doing the indoor/outdoor activities is a great healing method.

  • 4) The different activities, include outdoor activities like walks, watching birds, counting bees and more, and Indoor activities like pretend play, coloring pages, dancing together, exercising, yoga, and even breathing activities are all FUN things that the whole family can do. You don't have to do all the activities, you can change it up, and even make your own. Just remember that 14 days of lockdown (quarantine) can feel like a lifetime for a child. But we will get through this!

Check out Xyron's Blog post for more fun details about this project.

We all want to return to normal life as soon as possible so following the CDC guidelines is key. Remember to wear a mask, wash your hands, stay 6ft apart, and avoid crowds.


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