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M+M Love Story (DIY Wedding)

M&M Wedding Layout

This is why I haven’t done the “my wedding” post. The article for this would be pages long. I told myself I wouldn’t be a bridezilla— Oh, but I was! I had 4 wedding dresses. I had two photographers. I did do it all, but I kept telling myself that that was ok because we only get to do it once. Here are some broken down wedding topics:

  1. Signage

  2. Numbering Tables/Seating Chart

  3. Guest Favors

  4. Personalize decor

  5. Labels

  6. Centerpieces

  7. Guestbook

  8. Caketopper

  9. Stationery/paper

  10. Entertaining Kids

  11. Tables

  12. More

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