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Baby Shower Nautical Themes & Ideas

Decorations DIAPER CAKE: One of my favorite baby shower gift/decoration is the diaper creations. I made three pieces: Diaper Cake, Diaper Tug Boat and Diaper Wheel with just ribbon, cardboard and diapers-- these lovely gifts are fun to make.

ONESIES BANNER: I also created a banner of onesies by designing 5 simple nautical clipart, then ironing them on, and slowly peeling them off.

-You can find vinyl sticker at

-Use your cutter (on low settings) to cut out the vinyl layout/design

-As instructed on the vinyl sticker iron, cool, and peel

FLOWER DECOR: For the flower signs I got this set of 6 sea creatures made out of wood from Oriental Trading and hot glue long sticks on the bottom to create the signs. I was able to paint them to the color of the theme and write baby words on them with chalk pencil.

GIFT BAG FAVORS: As thank you gifts for all of the Aunties (lovely ladies who assisted with the baby shower planning) I got Anchor Bag Favors from Oriental Trading. To personalize them and make them a little more special I screen-printed “Auntie, you are the best” in red paint to pop. I added some tissue paper, sanitizer, soap, chocolate, Starbucks drink and more to go with my tag that read,

“Bring me smile when I am sad,

Bring me sunshine when I am old,

Give me kisses to warm my heart,

Keep me safe from monsters underneath my bed,

I am very thankful to have you in my life."

For GUEST BOOK, Great Grandpa Ron was able to cutout a Wooden Anchor which will look amazing in nursery room.


Grandma Janny made a BOAT CAKE that fit perfectly with the theme. She added some post (sticks) with white paper signs as flags. She also made:

-crab Sandwichs

-rock/seashell candy

-mint lifesavers

Custom CAKE TOPPER was designed and hand painted by Letter’s and Dust (who happens to be one of my closest friends!). Thanks!

Baby Shower Games

Here are the games we played. The PDFs will be available in the next e-newsletter (so don't forget to sign up).

-Name the Baby Animal


-Guess How Many Fishes? (in the jar)

-Guess the Size of Mommy's Tummy?

-Guess who said what, Mommy or Daddy?

-What’s in your Purse?

Amazing Prizes

Doesn't hurt to have amazing gifts. Aunt Sherry who is the owner of The Blue Puffin, hand makes these glass beads jewelry and for the Baby Shower she made eight colorful bracelets with nautical charms. And what a special prize! Some of the shells & glass came from Portugal, others were from antique blue canning jars plus her design touches on the beads made them unique. They were absolutely beautiful and definitely one of a kind jewelry.

Daddy's Gift

I know it’s not traditional to have the father attend, but I wanted my husband to feel included so I did create a gift for first time daddies. With so many great ideas on Pinterest I was able to personalized the baby tool belt for my husband (it’s like a diaper bag but for men). My husband is a handyman and very manly (which I admire) so I added blue buttons, harness clips, with “race track” pattern and jean fabric.

Other Beach Decorations

-Hand Painted Rocks

-Painted Wall for backdrop

-Hanging Seashell and more

For more pictures FLICKR visit:

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