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I'm so Lucky (Gone Fishing)

DIY Father's Day Tackle Box Card

1) Download PNG file to your cutter machine. Leave me a comment if you need help with this.

2) I used Black, Gray, and Fish Brads from Eyelet Outlet:

3) Once you have all your cutout pieces cutout with the color you want.

Assembling it all together is easy:

-Fold a 11x 8.5 paper into fours and glue or use pre-cut double sided foam to hold everything together (take a look at image 2, paper is laid out vertically).

-The two black rectangles cutouts are put together was the black brads which adds an open and close feature to the card.

- Then I hand cut some "hooks" or "j" to hold the fish brads, but you can put your fish brads inside the tackle box.

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