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Dinosaur Pre-School Prep

I was so nervous about how she (mostly I) would handle preschool. I had tons of questions from would she be independent enough? Would she be clingy? Am I emotionally ready?

As we walked in she decide to hangout with the other kiddos and left Mommy behind. Her social skills flourished. She sat with the kids for snack and lunch. She kept her hands to herself. She did so well she looked like she has been attending since the beginning of the year. When it was time to leave she did not want to go.

I definitely prepped couple days before and even ran through the day routine to make sure we were ready and on time.

List to get Ready:

Pack bag: pack our dinosaur backpack from Target, Cat & Jack, with extra clothes, water bottle, pull-ups, teething toy, (the "just-in-case" stuff that you don't need).

Label all items: backpack, jacket, shirt, lunch bag, etc. (made labels with vinyl cutouts)

Pack Snack/Lunch: I believe I overpacked with all her favorite foods

To make it easier we decided to have dinosaur theme breakfast together then when we got back we had a small dinosaur theme treats & play.

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