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Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

Lemonade Stand

Last Sunday, Maddie & Jax were outside selling lemonade for Doggie Dash. We got the “what are you saving for” question which I was glad to hear as kids should learn to save their money. But we were out there raising awareness and supporting the Oregon Humane Society.

Thank you for your support & everyone that stopped by!!! You can still support us by 1) joining our Team: Good Life for the walk on May 11th (FREE) or by 2) Donating. Every penny counts.

Process on making Lemonade Stand:

  • I used a cardboard box for the base and painted the box white,

  • I used 4 cardboard tubes (recycled from gift wrap rolls) and with yellow cardstock paper that I fed to the Xyron Creative Station Lite to create an adhesive side of the paper to stick to the tube,

  • I bought canvas fabric ($3 on sale at Miller's) to place on-top of the lemonade stand with yellow and white cardstock flags.

Paper Lemon Banners/ Lemonade Sign/Lemon Piñata

Screen Print Lemon Stickers:

If you have any question on how I did it, or my process, the tools or machines I use, go ahead and leave me a comment or DM me. You can also find me on Facebook & Instagram live with step to step on my creations.

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