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DIY Back to School (Apple of my Eyes)

DIY Paint Wooden Gift Box for under $5:

Back to School with Plaid Crafts. Here's a quick handmade gift idea that you and your kiddo can make. Create a handmade gift for a teacher, a friend, or for yourself to put on your desk.

I used my Cricut Machine Maker to cutout a stencil out of card-stock/paper, but you can use vinyl instead. I traced the stencil onto the wooden box with a pen first then outline the letters with the wood burner from Plaid Crafts. The burner creates a beautiful texture and you can see it after it's painted on. Scroll down to view photos and a quick video. 


  • Paint Color

    • 435 Napthol Crimson 

    • 458 SAP Green

    • 503 Yellow Citron

    • 480 Titanium White

  • Stencil (use file to cut a stencil out)

  • Wooden Box available at the DollarTree

  • Wood Burner

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