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Portlandia Mermaid Parade

Portlandia Mermaid Parade is held every year to support

Another awesome year for the books, at the Portlandia Mermaid Parade and Festival. What an honor to be among a diverse and an encouraging community- were self expression is accepted. The community is magical! Scroll below to see the years of the festival:

This year, the parade honored Drag Queen, Darcelle, and all that they stood for. There was also lip-syncing performances that was very entertaining. For me, I played with gender-roles and identities, when I think of seahorses I think of how the “male” seahorse gets pregnant & develop their embryos in a pouch located on their tail. We place these ideas of gender roles in society. Let’s abandon those old ideologies and be a seahorse! This is why every year I come as a sea-horse (handmade with Plaid Crafts, Offray Ribbon, Xyron Inc and more). Accept transgender, non-binary people, and embrace different sexualities, gender identities, and gender expression. Part of the Portlandia Mermaid Parade and Festival is accepting everyone. And showing our younger generation that they can be themselves, no matter how they identify, as we walk with Pride!

  • Seahorse outfit handmade [DIY Seahorse] with Plaidcrafts paint and mod-podge, Offray ribbons, and more. Since it’s for a parade (lots of walking) I created the seahorse vest out of paper to be light and comfortable. I used wire to model a seahorse, then added paper-mache with construction paper and mod-podge.

  • Shell Crown with shells [DIY], lace from Simplicity, Zip-ties, and Xyron hot glue

  • Octopus mask [DIY process] made with paper-mache and paint from Plaidcrafts

  • Shell Wagon: [pictures, wagon] my daughter decorated the wagon with ribbons from Offray Ribbon. The mermaid parade starts around noon and walk downtown waterfront for 2-3 miles. I recommend a wagon, or stroller for these events (with snacks & water). It’s long, but very entertaining for all ages

We love to support equality & unity! We made our paper mache mask/head piece. I tie dyed my dress and even made Maddie’s mermaid dress!! I’m happy to see the parade back. Stay cool everyone! Started the morning by supporting our LBGQTIA+ portland community and the Portlandia Mermaid Parade. For me it’s a teaching opportunity for my daughter (and her generation). We hear you! We support and accept everyone, no matter their race, gender, or identity. It’s an educational journey throughout their life.

(2021: No-Go COVID)


Instagram, Facebook Post, Gallery We are having a blast!! Lots of amazing Mermaids & undersea creatures. We made it in time for the Mermaid Parade & festivities. My outfit could’ve used a little more work (ended up with a purple bra and net) but my girls had fun with their shark wagon and that’s all that matters.

I had my little one this year, we did celebrate with a small party. Plus my little one turned 6 months old.

It's been 6 years! I've been attending the Mermaid Festival since I lived downtown on my own. There was handful of us, and the message was still the same. There was a lot of dancing, bubbles, and merfolk stories. I took my mini(s) with me. I started making mini seahorses piñatas and have been very popular.

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