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DollarTree Ice Cream Truck & Pinatas

I really wanted to do the DollarTree Challenge and create a whole party with dollar tree supplies.

I believe I did that with the use of Xyron Glaminator, Xyron Creative Station Lite and my cutting machine. I already had these items so I don't see that as "cheating" I'm just using my resources.

Let's get started. How did I create the Ice Cream Truck?

I usually start with a sketch/illustration or mockup. Then I convert my drawing into a sculpture. My first step was to stop by my local DollarTree and pickup all the items I would need.


Cardboard Poster

Pink, Black, Gray, White Cardstock paper

Glitter Cardstock paper

3 different wrapping paper (rainbow, pink, and strips)

Gold Washi Tape


White paint (optional)

Tape/Hot glue

Piñata (Cardboard, tape, pink and mustard tissue paper)

Total of around $15

1) I hand sketch the Ice Cream Truck into one of the DollarTree cardboard poster.

2) After I cutout the truck and add side panels. I cover the cardboard with gift wrapping paper. That's everything- everything else is in the details.

3) Two black circles for tires, a gray window, pink ice cream melt swirls,

4) Align the washi-tape on the sides of the truck

I used my Xyron machine to laminate the menu, and laminate the pink ice cream melting cardstock since we will be serving food the lamentation creates a layer of protection. I also used the Creative Station Lite to attached the letters, and some details because it gives it a clean look.

I used my cutter machine to make all the letters.

Other Dollar Tree DIY:

-Mini Pinatas

-Ice Cream Baloons

-Chalk Art

Our local DollarTree had lots of other ice cream products like ice cream shape bubbles containers, hand towels, cups, etc.

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