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Ice Cream Party Decorations Ideas

  • Xyron Glaminator and Creative Station Lite products.

  • Ice Cream Banners

  • Melted Ice Cream lamination

  • Coloring Pages

  • Ice Cream Menu & more

Ice Cream Banner: Instructions: Cut out couple of circles (5) and couple of triangles (5) to create the ice cream banner. Then feed just the circles into the Creative Station Lite (How to use the Creative Stations) to stick the triangles. Done.

Melted Ice Cream Lamination: Since we are working with food I decided to laminate the pink cardstock cutout of melting ice cream with the glaminator on the ice cream truck's table incase anything drips on the table I can easily wipe it off.

Coloring Pages: I used the glaminator (How to use the Glaminator) to add gold foil to the coloring pages (which I just printed out). So when the kiddos color the pages the foil will still stand out. I also cutout the ice cream part and put a piece of brown cardstock paper to make them look more like ice cream (middle picture). Download Coloring Pages

Ice Cream Menu: Since we are working with ice cream, I decided to laminate the menus too. This is the same concept from above. I designed these menus for the ice cream party that is now available to you. Personalize it! You can change some of the text to go with your party.

Ice Cream Invitation: Have You Heard the Scoop? These invitations are perfect for your next summer party. SVG file available to down and easy to create.

1) Print the file in your laser printer

2) Put foil on top of the words

3) Feed it to the Glaminator (How to use the Glaminator)

4) Feed it to your cutter machine to cut the scoops in different paper. Download PDF Invitation

If you have any questions about my process let me know so I can help you step by step. And don't forget to follow my social media which is where I usually show daily DIY videos of my process.

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