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Toddler Felt Tree (Ornaments)

Yesterday, the Moms & I made Christmas felt trees while the kiddos played together. The kids have lots of fun and so do we. We moms (and dads) talk about how big are kids are growing, give advice, and listen.

Materials Needed:

  • Green felt (2 yards) found this on Black Friday for $3.99/yard (plush felt)

  • Felt Squares: green, red, tan, beige, white, black, gray, brown, blue

  • Scissors

  • Animal templates

  • Tree template

  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks

  • Velcro® dots

  • Pen/Chalk

  • String or ribbon to hand the tree

  • Sewing Needle

  • Green thread

  • Ziplock bag to store project

How to Create Felt Tree:

Use 1 yard of green felt. Fold the felt in half (Step 1). Draw one side of the tree.

Cut your tree out.

Then sew ribbon on top of the tree (as a loop) in order to hang the tree on the wall. I used Command Brand hooks for removable-damage-free hanging. You can also use the extra strips in the box (comes with 12 strips and 8 hooks) for the sides of the felt tree.

How to Create Ornaments:

You can find felt squares in most Craft Store. Use the animal printout to create a pattern for yourself. If you have a cutter -great- upload the image. If you don't, then printout the page, and hand cut each piece out. Please leave a comment for different felt creatures. And use the different felt squares to create circle ornaments, stockings, etc. Stop by social media for more images, videos, and more uploads. IG@Jazzysdesign Facebook@Jazzyscreationdesign

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