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Oh! Two Wild Birthday Party

My little one turned two couple days ago so we had a toddler party celebration. Initially, only seven people RSPV, so we decided to have the celebration at home. Since it’s a January birthday event (cold) and the weather is unpredictable I didn’t see any downside.

Did you know in order to book a venue here in Portland, you need to reserve two month prior to the event? We booked a space last year and had around 20 attendees and the space felt empty. This year we had around 10 mom’s and their little ones, as well as a handful of close friends and family.

My daughter, Madelyn is really into safari animals and sharks! A TWO WILD party was in order.

I had four different stations:

  • A black teepee covered in stars with pillows and stuff animals inside.

  • ABC blue foam play-mat that led into a cardboard shark mouth. The shark mouth was the opening to the ball-pit. I created two cardboard boxes (toddler activity). And had mini stuff sea creatures on the play-mat. A great sea adventure:

  • Circus tent with a toddler couch inside. We also put out the mini trampoline so the kiddos can jump around and feel like they are part of the circus. I made a lion piñata, felt lion, and cardboard train (toddler activities):

(images of train toddler activity)

  • The Circus lead into the animal mask station:

(images of mask toddler activity)

  • For the photo station, I created a cardboard Jeep. The toddlers posed with paper-roll binoculars! Placemat and license plate were made with Xyron Glaminator.

To go with the theme, I made couple of balloon garlands and banners. Definitely, helps to tie in all the stations together.

To eat, I wanted easy snacks, a grazing table: I used a local vendor: Taste + Color

Thank you, Michelle for the delicious food & setup for Madelyns’s 2nd bday party! My hands were literally full! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Smash Cake from: Bite Cookies & Treats

White Chocolate Cake: Jazzy's Creation & Design

Party Decorations: Jazzy's Creation & Design

For more pictures visit: Catch My Party

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