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Toddler Activity: My little baker

My daughter’s first smash cake was pretty adorable. She hadn’t eaten much sugar, so in hindsight, letting her go nuts on a little fruit cake seemed like the right thing, and into couple of bites she had an allergic reaction (skin breakout/nothing too serious). But that didn't stop her she went all in. Pink Cake made by Lucia Truzman

I wanted to repeat the event, and have her enjoy her own birthday cake by herself. Earlier this month we had other birthday celebrations and Madelyn wanted to blow out their candles. And now it was her turn. She blew out the candles and went straight into the frosting. She didn't care much for the breading, but she enjoyed the decorative green leaves.

I went ahead and ordered a cake. I told the Baker my theme and send her some Pinterest inspiration and couple days later I picked up the cake. This white banana cake is from Bite Me Cookies & Treats was topped with a green fondant leaf. The organic elements of the leaves and bananas add a fun element to the cake.

I assumed no one wanted a bite-marks-finger-poked birthday cake so we made a chocolate cake covered with sprinkles for our guest. We also hand painted small toy animals to go on top of the cake with a paper cutout leaf that read " Two Wild." I recommend going this route and have your little one help you decorate their own cake. She had a great time painting, sticking & rearranging the animals on top, and of course adding the sprinkles.

-Don't do what I did and give your toddler the whole shaker.

-I usually put the sprinkles in a small sauce dish and separate them by color.

-Let them have fun!

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