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Catch a Leprechaun

Don't forget to check-out KATU Afternoon Live segment with Nicole from Party To Go Go. I don’t know how she does it but she always does an amazing job putting everything together! She brings in small, starting, and local businesses to her events.

Throw A St. Patrick Party (for kids)

Catch a Leprechaun Kit (with Xyron):

Fun Activity (all age), Prepare ahead of time.

Where do I start? Start with making a kit from objects you already have at home. I grabbed a box and added all the stuff that my little one would enjoy that fits the theme. Put the items in baggies with a label. Place Instructions inside and make it your own. Then have them decorate the box or you can do it for them.

For Disguises Kit: I used toy mustache, pair of glasses, fake nose, and magnifying glass

Leprechaun Bait: I used a bucket of chocolate gold coins,

Professional Sketch: Mini Notebook. Created your own mini notebook with this

Field Notes: Sticky Note Pad

Artist Tools: Color Pencils

Evidence Collection bags: left empty inside. You can hide some clues for the little ones to find like: 4 leaf clover, belt buckle, pin, etc

Xyron Glaminator: to get the foil look on your paper crafts make sure you use your laser printer. Print out the download file in black ink then feed through your glaminator.

[Video on How to Use Glaminator]

Leprechaun Party Hats (with DCWV paper, available in Joann's)

Fun Activity (all age), Prepare ahead of time.

Grab these sparkly paper hats at the Dollartree (I've also seen them at other Craft Stores), add a paper bow to make them unique. I used DCWV Happy Spring Paper Collection (available at Joann's Fabric & Craft Store). The paper is double sided which is perfect for the bows. Then I used my cutting machine to cut the bows out. SVG file available.

Party Favors: Leprechaun Black Buckets of Gold (available at Dollartree).

Fill these black buckets with chocolate coins, or confetti with paper cutouts.

Perfect for party favors. I even saw a post of cupcakes inside them.

Party Favors: Make your own Pinata with Lucky Charm Cutout,

Use a rainbow outline and cut it out of cardboard x 2. Then use red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, and purple tissue/crepe paper. Fold the paper into thirds and cut out strips. Then make wide fringe. Place facing downwards. Overlap the fringes. Start from bottom to top.

[Video Soon]

Party Decoration: DIY Pool Noodle Rainbow (materials available at Dollartree)

Hot-glue each pool noodle side to side. The trick is mold the curve into place as you place each noodle. Check out Rainbow Party.

Party Table Set-Up:

Lucky Charm Milk Labels

Other Fun St Patrick's Day Crafts

Thank you for your patience. MORE links, videos, and pictures to come.

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