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Recycled Basket

Milk Jug Bird Basket

We are creating fun projects out of recycling materials. That's right! We are using what we have, so no excuse, stay home, & be creative. There are so many great ideas online- visit Pinterest for more fun creative recycled craft projects.

I saw a post to recreate milk jug art. I remember my mother use to make beautiful milk jug swans and dressed them up with fabric. She used the swans to hold her sewing kit, plants, and other things. I quickly jumped into this project as I have always loved her swans. And yes, I did have her help me. Thanks Ma!

Materials used:

Milk Jug for Bird

Juice Jug for Bunny

Black Pen

Scissors/X-acto Knife

Xyron Adhesive (sticker maker, creative station, Mega Runner)

Tissue paper

Cardstock for details


1. Cut your jug. Stand your jug up and cut the sides. Watch video for details. I did cut the bunny ears out (optional) on the juice jug to give the ears more space and staple them back on.

2. Use Xyron sticker maker (or any of their adhesive product to create this project). I tried lots of them to see which one would work best, but they all worked great. For bigger pieces I used the Creative State Lite and Sticker Maker for smaller pieces. If you peel the sticker off slowing you can get whole pieces. But if you are young like my daughter and peel the sticker out very quickly then you'll tear the sticker and get more of a mosaic look (example: turquoise on bird).

3. We covered the whole jugs with tissue paper (first layer) then added fun shapes "feather-like" or fringe paper details with Xyron Mega Runner.

4. Then used cardstock paper to create details like eyes, hearts, beak, etc.

My toddler was interested in cutting the paper, and using the adhesive machine. So I would say this project is targeted to older kids (5th grade +).

As soon as I get white tissue paper, I will recreate this project with white.

[video to follow]

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