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DIY Face Mask

I know many of us are making mask which is awesome! I'm making mask to donate, not for sale, as I don't think it's right to use this opportunity to make money as we are all in need. We are all in this together and we will get through this.

Are you making your own? Here is what I found helpful:

Tips: I used mini clothing pins to hold elastic cord/ribbon together and used one in the middle of elastic ribbon to stretch the material so I didn't have to use much of the elastic and so I don't sew it into the side of the seam. I'll add more tips as I go.

I am accepting donations for supplies and taking in (local) sewing supplies. This goes towards supplies only. Our healthcare hero(es) are doing their part and so can we. (...and SEW can we!)

** If you would like a mask please fill out the form (one per person)** Supplies are limited and I am trying my best to get to you. Fabric Stores are also behind as they have many orders to fill. Stay home, wash your hands, and stay safe.

Thank you Community and to those who have already donated:

Danno & Mayra S.

Audrey D.

A. Chan

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