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Stay Strong: Baby Yoda

May 4th is coming up so I wanted to share these files with you.

May the Fourth be with you.

Instructions on how DIY:

Stay Strong cutout with Cricut Cutting Machine. Use the file above to cutout the letters. All you have to do is upload the file onto Design Space and print it out on your laser printer (if you want the foil look). I also included the Yoda and lightsabers that an be cutout.

I used the file to Glaminate the words and the clipart. I used Xyron's gold and green foil so when the sun shines the letters glow. Learn how to use the Xyron Glaminator.

Window Art: I used the clipart to draw and trace the Baby Yoda onto cardboard. Then used sharpie to outline the drawing and paint to color him in. Check out my post for my process:

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