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DIY New Traditions (4th of July)

Create your own traditions. During these times, it's hard to ignore what's going on. We are asking for changes in a pandemic. And many of us want to get back to "normal" and enjoy a nice BBQ with family and friends. I've learned a lot through BLM movement and COVID lockdown. My advice is to 1) Listen and Learn and 2) You do you. Not everyone is going to agree with you so don't allow others to push you into doing something you don't want to do.

I started to decorate for Fourth of July and had a hard time posting a celebration that many people of color struggle to find "freedom." I literally took couple of days off- lots of tears, and research later, I realize that I needed to do some "career" searching. I say "career" because I decorate for all holidays, its what I look forward to as a party designer. I enjoy celebrating life. But I was exhausted of the ignorance, exhausted of the news, and even my backyard noise (sirens & helicopters). And during this time my sister reminded me to "take time for myself to heal." Right!?!!? Best advice ever.

So why not CREATE NEW TRADITIONS, ones that work for you and your family. Celebrate being together, feeling blessed to live another day, and hope that things will get better. Stay safe.

I decided I would add one more color to my Fourth of July:

Here are some quick DIY ideas:

Fabric Banners. I used some fabric scrap and flannel material to create the banner with a bow.

Stars with words. Download stars. I used Xyron Glaminator to add silver foil.

Burlap Wreath (red, white, blue and black)

Screenprint Sunflower (previous post)

For the table-setting I picked up star balloon for the garlands at the DollarTree. And red, white, and blue foam stars also available at the DollarTree (painted white to black). The strips on the wall is wrapping paper (from the Christmas). And just added some fun star shape food.

To create the cardstock fans, fold pleats accordion style, and hot glue a star in the middle to hold fan together.

For the sign, I used my Cricut machine to create a stencil and painted the black and Love Sign.

Happy Fourth of July. I hope you enjoyed some of these creations. And remember to add more color this year.

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