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Arts & Crafts on the Go! #RoadTrip

Are you also getting late holiday gifts? It’s like Christmas all over again!! I just received my heavy-duty felt caddy from @mollieollie. Which I, of course, used it right away! It’s perfect for our road trips. And we hope to do travel more this year so I used it to organize and add our arts & crafts activities.


Using my code: 10jazzys for 10% discount (limited time). Check out their website to find out more information and visit to get your own caddy.

Definitely a 5-Star review for me:

  1. great quality, sturdy, and soft (felt soft)

  2. plus stays in shape even when it is empty

  3. and portable when folded

  4. lots of pockets

  5. and holds a lot!!


Activity on the go! Are you looking for an activity to do while traveling? I decided we would create a travel journal this year. A lot of our trips are 2-3 hour drives to the beach, the mountain, camping, etc. So why not add a notebook/journal filled with blank pages that can be filled with fun stickers, pictures, and hand-drawn magic.

Mom Tips: for a toddler I would pre-cut paper, make the stickers with your Xyron Sticker maker, and grab couple of sticker packets from the DollarTree or PaperHouse for $1.

For older kids: they can make their own stickers with the items found on the trip like newspaper, pamphlets, souvenir items, etc. This is a fun way to get creative on the drive.

Materials I used:

I love a good deal!

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