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Boo Baskets Ideas

"You've been BOOed." Have you seen this trend? It's a cute concept, mostly during these COVID-times, and surely make a friend/neighbor feel special. The idea is to leave the basket anonymously at the front door and don't worry about the price (you can spend as little or as much). It's the thought that counts.

Here are some fun and easy ideas:

Disney Boo-basket with handmade items

-Disney banner made with Artesprix sublimation markers, and a piece of cloth

-Printout Disney banner reverse side for sublimation markers (click on image below)

-Printout Disney b&w to color banner with regular markers

-How to make Banner with Artesprix Youtube Video

Cost: $5-$20

Artesprix Markers $19.99

Banner Cloth: $0 (already have cloth)

Mini Piñata: $0 (handmade with cardboard and hot glue)

Mickey Mouse Light: $9.99

Felt Cutouts: $1 (comes in packages of 10 at DollarTree)

Headband: $1 (available at Dollartree)

Ribbon Bow: $1 (available at Dollartree)

Handmade card: $0 (cutout with cricut machine)

Stickers: $1 (DollarTree & Paperhouse Production)

Other boo-basket ideas:


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