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Disney Spooky Adventures

The fun three amigos are ready for Dia de Los Muertos. Print the file for a fun coloring page, or turn into cards. Click on the link:

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos. Find Mickey trick-or-treating with the Disney castle behind him or just color Mickey ear's with Dia de Los Muertos patten. Illustrated and put together by me, Jazzy's Creation & Design. My trick-or-treat for you!

I know we all want the stuff with the fun characters. Here is the Mickey Pumpkin SVG file. You can use this as B&W or color. Have fun! I used the pumpkin file to iron it on a t-shirt.

Remember personal use only. Please don't ruin it for the rest of us. Remember, the Disney characters are copyrighted by Disney and can get this site shut-down. And don't forget to tag me @Jazzysdesign on social media.

Here's a fun way to entertain your little ones for Halloween (and other themes). Create your own fun sensory kits with what you have, or stop by the DollarTree, but stick to a theme and let their imagination do the rest.

****Loose Parts! Warning: chocking hazard, intended for children over the age of 3 under adult supervision***. I've been doing these for awhile but never realized it was a "thing" until another mom asked if anyone was interested. We "got-together" to create these fun activity boxes for the kids. YAY!

Group Event: Each mom picked a theme and created 6 boxes of the same theme and we traded them to each other. I created the 'Boo' theme (just for us) and the Farm Animal one (x6), as you can see I used my Xyron Creative Station to make labels for my boxes. Check out my blog for more detail and stay tune for more.

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