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DIY Encanto Felt Book (with Artesprix sublimation)

Materials Required: -felt (variety of colors)

-rubber stamp set (floral, jungle, butterflies)

-sublimation ink pads -scissors Optional materials:


-glitter, eyelets, fabric flowers, buttons, fabric paint

-glitter pens

-sewing machine

Iron-on Materials:

-protective paper,

-iron /heat press

As you can see, there is a lot going on, which means there are different techniques in play.

First, I made a stamp with my cutting machine (Cricut Maker 3) in the shape of the butterfly in the candle, Disney movie, Encanto. The miracle candle is a big part of what contains the miracle and the magic. The miracle felt candle has three levels of stamping. The rubber I use is from Pazzles and the butterfly cutout file, found here.

STEP 1: cutout rubber stamp and assemble the cutout onto the acrylic square.

STEP 2: apply yellow ink on regular paper give the candle a glow.

STEP 3: on a separate piece of paper, use cotton-ball (for each color) to add a mixture of ink on the stamp to give the butterfly magic. Use Artesprix Sublimation vibrant ink pads.

STEP 4: then use black or brown ink pad and dab the cotton-ball onto the butterfly stamp.

STEP 5: Iron on. I use a warm mat, heat tape, and protective paper, then iron on the piece of paper. All of these materials are available at Artesprix. I did the yellow paper first (facing down so the ink transfers onto the felt), then the colorful butterfly paper, and then the black butterfly paper onto the same felt. I ironed on the black paper a little off to the right of the color.

Then I cutout felt with my cutting machine. I illustrated the casita (house) with easy shapes for easy cutting. File here. If you don't have a cutting machine, then printout the file and use as a template.

Once everything is cut out, assemble the felt, then glue together pieces (like the roof and doors) and/or sew the left side (only) remember it's a book. The sewing is up to you. I assemble the house into four pages. Then I used Artesprix Sublimation vibrant ink pads and stamps to create patterns, animals, and characters for the house. Then I added details like fabric flowers, glitter, ribbons, and eyelets for my book. Not necessary, but I'm all about the different types of textures. Make your own casita, and have fun with the details.

Affiliated link for Artesprix here


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