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Harvest Festival

We brought outdoor play inside to celebrate our Harvest Theme get-together. I made paper crafts, informative coloring pages, felt pie, and more. We decided to decorate for Fall too and celebrate our Harvest Festival. Love that she enjoys everything I make!! DIY printouts and downloads available below.

It's Native American Heritage month! And we are focusing on a Harvest theme. From pretend pie play made in felt to paper crafts nuts with Xyron Hot Glue. Then making them as "To-Go" kits for our friends. We plan to drop them off, a lesson to learn about kindness, giving, and gratitude. For the month of giving ‘Thanks.’

– DIY: Acorn Post to create paper acorn/nuts and acorn box.

– Download the felt cutout file or do it by hand. Very simple and used my Xyron Hot Glue Gun to create this. (Xyron has a Hot Glue PEN!! too for small details).

– Mashed potatoes with vegetables Ice Cream Cone (from Joy Cone) for the kiddos. I added some sparkle to tie in with our harvest theme by Glaminating a sunflower with Xyron Glaminator.

Thanks @kashrootzcatering for your help. Inspired by Smithsonian.


Cornucopia layout


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