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Holiday Goodies

Build Gingerbread House: Always one of our favorite holiday tradition. There are so many recipes, and tips on how to decorate them so I'm not going to do that to you. But I will tell you how to make it easier on yourself (with/or without kids).

  • Build the house structure ahead of time and let them sit out for a bit (30mins-1hour). Then add the frosting/candy details.

  • For kids, limit their sugar intake, by setting a paint-plate with assorted goodies for them to decorate. One paint-plate per kid so there's no fighting.

Cookie Platter: Add more color to your box of chocolate cookies. We got a set from Grandma so I decided to add white chocolate pretzels and little gingerbread man cookies to be festive. Cookies are the perfect gift for any occasion!

Tree made with sugar cone: these cones are perfect to decorate your cake or add to your gingerbread houses. I used Joy Cones to make two different type of trees. Decorate the rest of your sugar cone tree by sticking small candies.

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