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Kissing Frog Princess Party

The theme started off with the phrase of “kiss the frog.” According to the stories, the frog spell will be broken when a princess kisses the frog. Or kiss the frog so it turns into a prince. Whichever version you prefer, I ran with the theme. I tried to incorporate lots of floral designs, and green/turquoise color. I tried really hard to stay away from the “pink” theme, but I did add a hint of pink floral, pink castles, and pink decorations. Setting up the table with felt cutout greenery, flowers, and more DIY details. Check below to recreate the princess party.

DIY: DollarTree Princess bag turned into poster frame for the party as the centerpiece. I cut out the image in party bag and overlay them on top of each other and added floral patterns on the inside of the picture frame. Check Instagram for a quick video to DIY.

ACTIVITY Cardboard Castle: To go with those princess dresses (besides all the accessories), I put together a cardboard castle that can be painted to personalize and continue the pretend play. Instagram DIY Video

Instagram Video of Dress-Up: outdoor, and find the video of the inside party below. I was able to purchase these princess dress through thrift-shop apps. I used lots of my own accessories and made a piece to hang the dresses with PVC pipe. Very fun to watch my little one put everything together from what accessory goes on each dress to dressing up.

DIY Decoration: Bead Decorations, thread spools, and ribbons. Use what you have to make decorations.

DIY Frogs: frog headpiece with felt cutout, frog piñatas, and everything frogs. PURCHASE: Frog piñatas available on Etsy, filled with princes goodies, like plastic ring, and candy. Instagram Piñata, Instagram Felt Headpiece

DIY Ribbons: Add to the fun with Princess Ribbons with Artesprix Sublimation ink pad. DIY Video

ACTIVITY Castle: Paper castle decorations from Target mailbox and Party City with princess cutouts. Is it worth the price? For princess cutout play each cost $14. Not reusable and one time use. You decide.

Download files Invitation (DIY Video) & Clipart and use CODE: JCD Castle for a discount (limited time for discount).


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