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Painting a Pink Christmas

Can you believe what a little paint (and glitter) can do?!?

Found wooden ornaments at Michaels Stores for only $1. And some glass ornaments that were just the wrong color (black glue gun & bottle ornaments). The wooden ‘Merry’ letter/sign, Santa HoHoHo sign, & lil truck are from the Dollartree. Good finds!! If I may say so myself. And with Folkart Crafts paint, Plaid Crafts stencils I turned these decorations to match my holiday theme.

Plaid Paint Colors (mix and add white to get different shades of pink):

Added white paint to get different shades of pink

Love these fun & easy makeovers. Have you painted glass ornaments before?

They require couple of layers of acrylic or use Folkart Crafts Enamel Glass Paint. Just like the glass ornament above. Hot Glue Glass Ornament.

Everything comes in red & green so I had to change all of the decorations on the tree. For this little wooden house (found on Michaels Craft Store) I started with painted it with traditional colors and I didn't like it. So I added a little-bit of glitter, but happy accident as you can see..

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