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Spring is here!

Hello! Hola friends! Scroll below for the Spring Gift (SVG file)

Spring is here, the sunshine and the raining clouds come in and out here in Oregon, and I enjoy every moment. For me Spring means gardening and outdoor activities. It's also my busiest time for me. Let me see if I can give you a short description of my career.

I help prepare 100+ students into a social program to successfully get a higher education degree. Then, I need to start developing a cultural responsive and educational curriculum for 3rd & 5th grade during Spring Break. This means budget planning and making that dollar stretch (library book, art donations, etc). Then I decided to take on a position as an advocate for equity and justice in the healthcare education by using my communication skills as part of my role, as a graduate student. Then my main job, is being an outstanding Mother to a 5 year old energetic child. And this doesn't include my volunteering positions on boards as in active member. I think if you want to know more about me then we'll have to set a coffee date.

Debbie and I attended the CKC Scrapbook Convention. What a great class! My favorite part is learning new techniques and seeing what other crafters/makers are doing! We made a bunch of beautiful cards featuring Carta Bella and designed by a Debbie Mathewson & her daughter. This spark the joy of creating cards again. It was nice to see that the card-making process and how similar it is to mine, the spreading everything out and trail-error stick and take off. This prompt me to creating a bunny stamp. It's around Easter time and the bunnies are sold-out.

My gist to you ** for personal use only ** Bunny Spring SVG File

Make your own S T A M P. I didn’t have a bunny stamp in my collection so I made one using foam & my Cricut machine (cutting-machine). I quickly illustrated a bunny (file above), upload the file into your machine's design program, Design Space for Cricut. I used foam sheet because I couldn’t find my rubber-stamp sheet then used my creative station from Xyron Inc to add adhesive. The foam worked as you can see, but I do recommend the rubber that’s made for stamps. Enjoy! Tag your designs IG @Jazzysdesign


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