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Super Girl! Wonderful!

My daughter has taken an interest in superheroes so I like to encourage her, and it's even better with an empowering message behind it. Wonder Woman theme with Paper House Production.

This is my little one, who has a big imagination and very curious about everything. I try to follow her lead and feed into her curiosity by exploring the world with modern issues.

Through art, outdoor play, and even daily interaction YOU have the power to influence our young girls, and with your words you can inspire them, and even lead them into greatness -Just from one Mom to another

Any tips on how to capture a non-blurry photo of a toddler? Very much appreciated!

We are making? DIY.

“A symbol of truth, justice and equality to people everywhere”...

Made with: @paperhouseproductions (Wonder Woman paper, stickers, notebook), @xyroninc adhesive, @joann_stores, @michaelsstores, and more

To save 20% use Code: PH20MARILYN

To order your mini piñata visit Etsy. You can also find me LIVE on my social media to watch me create these mini pinatas, and cutouts.


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