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Mini Halloween Party

We had so much fun at our mini Halloween party. And the distraction from moving was nice. The girls dressed as skeletons and indulge in Halloween treats that we made together from cupcakes to marshmallow s'mores treats.

-Ghost Cupcakes with cupcake toppers.

-Skeleton S'mores (bottom layer: Joy cones, chocolate, marshmallow, oreos).

-Treat Platter (Cheese-Its, Chex, Gold Fishes, Chocolate & more).

-Orange tissue "pumpkin" balls with a surprise inside (Unwrap the tissue paper with paper leaves. Used Xyron adhesive to put it all together).

-Sugar cookies with Halloween cat stickers (print downloads).

-Chocolate Witch Cauldron made with Joy ice-cream bowl, chocolate rim, Oreo crumbles inside.

Witch and Ghost Cutout


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