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Maddie's Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream on wheels. Check out our ice cream party decorations for your next summer party. Lots of handmade pieces from banners, signs, and pinatas.

Maddie & Jax served their guests ice cream, cupcakes, and a glass of milk. It was a very hot day that our guests stayed in the shade, but the weather didn't stop Maddie. She was happy to check out the popsicle chalk area, the ice cream bubbles, the ice cream crayons (KrazyKoolKrayons), the dessert table, and ice cream truck.

When I started planning I knew that the weather would be an issue so I played with making fake ice cream cake topper, but decided against that idea when my little one got upset that she couldn't have ice cream. I was proud of myself that fake ice cream looked so realistic, but not how upset Maddie got.

Check out more of the ice cream truck craft projects by clicking on these link below for more DIY ideas:

I decided I would have the Ice Cream Party by our garage, so I started the night before by cleaning up the space and chalking the floor. The next morning, I started to set up at 9am and the heat was unbearable, but I insisted so we continued. When it was time for the party we decided to stay in the shade.

Maddie was so happy to walk out with her Lion (stuffed animal) and check everything out. Her little friends didn't make the party since it was at noon during nap time, but that didn't stop her. Plus her grown-up friends did show up so the ice cream was gone!

Party Favors:

The ice cream bubbles and chalk came form the DollarTree,

The ice cream crayons were a gift from KrazyKoolKrayons,

and Mini Pinatas were made by me, JazzysDesign

Dessert Table:

Maddie passed out plates and then decided to grab the ice cream cone out of the cake and set it on the white table cloth. LOL. We had our piece of cake, with our melted ice cream, and glass of milk by the door steps.

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