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Create a FUN Halloween Party (and find some spooky ideas)

Paint Party!! Try something different this Halloween by using bright colors for your party. We included our activities as part of our display. We painted pumpkins, skulls, photo props, and even the backdrop. Keep the kids engaged with the bright colors from Plaid Crafts!

Featured on Plaid

Jazzy's Creation & Design is being featured at Plaid's Craft. "It's spooky season and we are here for all the tricks and treats! There is nothing like a good Halloween party with great food, great decorations, and great friends. With that spirit in mind, we decided to challenge our ambassadors with creating something truly unique for their Halloween celebration this year. Each ambassador had a theme..."

Cheer Witches! Try some of these fun ideas with Plaid Crafts to create a small halloween party with your friends! Turn an everyday get together into a bright, but spooky Halloween Witch-craft party. A vintage floral theme with a hint of black for the table setting and, of course, lots of DIY crafty items that you can make at home.

With our party decorations we decorated our playhouse and our fireplace. I don't like anything going to waste and my daughter had a blast repurposing the decorations. We used the Paint Party backdrop we painted and turn it into wall paper for the playhouse with the use of Xyron Creative Station. And turn our wall signs into yards signs.

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