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Dia De Los Muertos (Mini Skull Piñata)

Materials Needed:

-Skull SVG (for cutting machine)

Cardboard 11x8''

Cardboard strip 2x8''

Crepe or Tissue paper (white/pink)

Hot Glue

Elmer Glue Sticker (or adhesive of your choice, Xyron sticker-maker)



Para los Ninos (for the kids), I decided what a great way to include the kiddos with Dia de los Muertos by making mini skull piñatas and include a fun facts about the holiday. The kits came with a pre-made mini white skull piñata with tissue paper already fringed. Then I added stickers, and surprise inside, so all they had to do is personalize the mini skull piñata. Check out the video below to learn how to create mini skull piñata.

Thank you Xyron for providing refills, I was able to create cutout shape stickers with the sticker maker and add labels with the Creative Station Lite for each kid. Look how easy this was for the little ones to peel off the sticker and make their own skull face. They even added color by using markers.

Don't forget to add a book with this activity. The day of the dead is an Indigenous holiday where families honor the souls of their decreased relatives with their favorite food, drinks, and photos. Depending on the location the perspective is slightly different. The fragrance and vibrant color, the marigold flower, is a key symbol that guides the spirits to their altars.

DIY Mini Piñata Skull:

Hot Glue Cardboard Tape

Cutout the shape of a skull face and make sure you make two of those. Then with a piece 1'' width (like a ruler size) to wrap around the skull with tape. Check the video for more details.

Printout labels and don't forget to tag, @Jazzysdesign


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