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Quick, Affordable, & Easy Halloween Ideas

$5) DIY Halloween Witch Sign

How fun is this? The best part is that it only cost me like $5 to make (and I had the rest of the stuff like paint). Materials I used:

  • Two DollarTree Signs (witch wooden cutout and the house wooden cutout)

  • Plastic eyeballs/spiders

  • Cotton batting stuffer (cob-web)

  • Artificial Flowers that I painted black

  • Xyron Hot Glue

  • Plaid Crafts Paint

  • Beads/Gems/Sparkly stuff

  • Mod-Podge napkin

I started with painting the witch sign, but felt like the sign needed more!! I'm all about more, more glitter, more sparkle, more shininess. haha. I could've easily painted details on the witch, but I wanted to so something different. I used hot glue to create 3D details. You can hot glue directly on the wood or on a plastic piece of sheet and remove when dried then paint the pieces. To attach or move around the hot glue, I used my heat gun. Paint before the hot glue goes down. Then add the details.

$4) Halloween Christmas Tree

The best part is that our decorations don't have to cost a lot to make or display. It really shouldn't, mostly when they come out once a year. This cost me $4 to put together! Everything came from the Dollartree. How fun to start practicing decorating a Christmas tree. This one is to show you all (I used my Xyron hot glue so nothing moves around) how it could look like, but make this into a fun toddler activity. Allow them to decorate their own tree.

$5/for 2) Halloween Card

DIY pocket activity full of coloring sheets, and stickers. I used my sticker maker to make stickers, and my Xyron Mega runner to add details to my card. Find $1 items at PaperHouse, DollarTree, and Michael's Craft store like cutout cardstock (or with my Cricut machine).

Making Halloween sticker or labels for baggies

We enjoy adding that extra surprise when we pass out our cookies by creating stickers /labels with our Xyron Creative Station Lite. You can pass almost everything (through your Creative Station Lite) and turn into a sticker! Plus stickers are fun. I printed out a B&W sheet from my printer to create labels.

Day of the Dead Information Coloring Sheet

I know we hear a lot about "Day of the Day/ Dia de los Muertos" during Halloween so why not add to your Halloween activities by including an informative coloring sheet. Learn about the culture and educate your littles ones.

Halloween Treats

It's always fun to add halloween based treats during these days. Have a witch hat, or flying bat, haha. You will have the kids eating their vegetables just so they can get to dessert. Make snacks fun!

DIY Kids Halloween Activity Kit

Consider giving out and create these fun activity kits instead of candy. You will have the kids playing for hours as they create their own halloween scene. Find lots of items at the Dollartree, Amazon, and Michael's Craft Store.

Happy Halloween! More ideas to come.

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