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Skull Centerpiece for a Queen

Skull Centerpiece | Day of the Dead Skull | Calavera Flores Halloween/La Catrina

Floral skulls are very popular mostly during these holiday times. I had to try it for myself, and made my own version for just $5.00. That's right!! Add this DIY to your Halloween collection and place it on your table, mantel, or even outdoor front porch.

Materials Used:

  • DollarTree Skull

  • Plaid Crafts, FolkArt, 901 Wicker White Acrylic Paint

  • Plaid Crafts, Folk Art, Glitterific, Acrylic Paint

  • X-acto knife/box cutter

  • Artificial flowers

  • Pearls/Gems/ Beads

  • Beacon Gem-Tac (for additional adhesive on gems)

  • Xyron Hot Glue

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Let's get started ...

  1. Grab a skull from the Dollar Tree Store (for only $1.00),

  2. Cut a circle on top of the skull with you X-acto knife,

  3. and paint the skull white but leave the eyes and some details exposed (do not paint).

  4. Once dried, use Glitterific paint to add glitter on the exposed spots.

  5. Then add the glitter, sparkle, gems as desired.

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